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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Movable Animals

Cooper-Hewitt Mechanical Books

I lied... this is the last one. I started by search with 'interactive books' - then 'pop-ups' to 'paper engineering' to 'pull tabs'... then hit the jackpot with 'mechanical' - there is a series of videos from Cooper-Hewitt on Mechanical books- start with this one and then search for your own!
Okay - one more... thinking of lots of ideas!!!

Celebrating Movable Books

Wow - what a great video - check this one out at 3:30 - how cute is that!

Wheel Books

Something like this would be great for our interactive circus book - think of the possibilities!

Interactive Pages and Paper Engineering

Still looking for more information for the fat book swap? The Smithsonian has a handout on the history of pop-ups, and don't forget to check out Robert Sabuda's page for ideas - lots of simple pop-ups you can make. And they are color coded for difficulty - simple, intermediate and advanced! Can you use the Darth Vader pattern and make it into a clown?!